Avocat à la cour (Lubumbashi - kinshasa - kolwezi)
J'interviens principalement en droit civil & familial, droit de l'immobilier, droit du travail, droit des entreprises, droit commercial, droit des étrangers, droit de la propriété intellectuelle
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The legal system of the DRC is civil law-based and the mining industry is regulated through national legislation, regulations issued by the DRC parliament and the DRC executive branch. The main legislation that the mining industry comes under the control of is the Mining Code (adopted in 2002) and the ancillary Mining Regulation, adopted in 2003. This legislature is in general application throughout the entire country.

The Mining Code was enacted by Law No. 007/2002 on the 11th of July 2002 (the Mining Code). The implementing measures of the Mining Code are provided by the Mining Regulation, enacted by Decree No. 038/2003 on the 26th of March 2003 (the Mining Regulation). This core legislation includes environmental standards ...

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